Roberto Sassi

Experience using a GPS system

Interview to Antonio Gualtieri

  1. Can you give us a brief introduction on yourself and your team?
    Sport Science Juventus is comprised of Roberto Sassi, Antonio Gualtieri and, as of this season, Darragh Connolly. We monitor our athletes’ functional data in order to plan the best training load trend.
  1. What were the club’s initial aims and goals for last season?
    Our president Andrea Agnelli indicated that the main goals were to win a 4th consecutive Scudetto (National Championship), a 10th Coppa Italia (National Cup) and to earn a place in the top 8 teams in Europe.
  1. Synopsis of last season; Winning 2 domestic Cups and reaching the CL final.
    It was a good season, we worked well on the training pitch and as a consequence achieved good results.
  1. How is the use of GPS implemented at Juventus last season?
    On the pitch, as required by our new head coach Massimiliano Allegri and the new head of performance Simone Folletti, our players wore Viper in every training session (except the day before a match, since that day the program was standardized). In the Lab, we organized different reports: one for the single session, one for the week (from Monday to Sunday), one for the competitive week (from one match to the other) and one for our friendly matches. This way we have an analysis for the whole team, by role and individual reference values to look at when we need to.
  1. In your opinion, what are the main benefits of GPS use at professional level?
    Considering the relevant error at high intensities, we prefer to use it to monitor volume, however HMLD is probably the most discussed in our meetings.
  1. What are your thoughts on FIFA’s latest statement approving the use of GPS in competitive games? Will it change anything?
    We don’t think so: the majority of the stadiums are too much covered, making it difficult for GPS systems to attain a good and costant signal. We tried in our Juventus Stadium, but results were not usable.
  1. What are the aims and ambitions for this coming season?
    The aim is to win one more Champions League match than last season!
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